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Global Skilled Employment Services (GSES) proudly assisted the leading producers in Agriculture Industry in Australia and all other businesses who have continued to support our service.

Growing Filipino community across Australia has shown reliability to Filipinos that has . This gives growing opportunities for both workers and employers.
Connecting local and foreign job seekers to sustain skill shortages.
Join the success stories of our clients who found their happy place in Australia!





Dairy Cattle Farmer, 482 Visa (2020)

My family would like to thank the GSES for the quick visa application process that only took 2 months from applying to getting the work visa. GSES were awesome in handling their clients, very supportive, and easy to approach. I highly recommend GSES to those people who also want to work in Australia. 



Dairy Cattle Farmer, Permanent Resident (2020)

We would like to express our gratitude to Mcnally Migration Solution Australia for helping us become Australian Residents. We are absolutely thankful that we chose your agency, as we know that we are in very good hands because the staffs are well knowledgeable and experienced enough to help us. With our baby on the way to be born anytime soon, we are very glad that we are now Residents and that she will get to live the life we always wanted for her. We also thank our God for giving us all the blessings we deserved Including all the people who helped us along the way. We will highly recommend you to our family and friends who would like to live, work, and or migrate here in Australia.



Pig Farmer, Permanent Resident (2019)

“No matter how long it takes, when God works, it's always worth the wait".

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole staff of Global Skilled Employment  Services which God used as instrument to fullfill my dreams of being a permanent resident. Thank you for their support and assistance in processing my papers. This unexpected blessing came in an unexpected time of my life.

And mostly, all my praises and thanks should be for the Lord who granted my prayers. Thank you Lord for blessing me much more than I deserve.



Dairy Cattle Farmer, 482 Visa (2019)

We would like to thank GSES for helping me and my family move on to another chapter of our journey and not having to wait long for the process. It was a pleasant surprise to receive the good news of our visa grant in just mere 2 working days upon the date of application was lodged. I commend the professionalism of all the staf of GSES. 

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